Acne affects over 80% of Canadians at some point in their lives and can be emotionally stressful to deal with.

With medical grade skincare products and appropriate laser therapy, acne can be both reduced and prevented at the root cause. Once the acne is managed we offer a variety of modalities to clean up the mess that was left behind, such as scarring and pigmentation.

We provide some of the most advanced cosmetic treatments that eliminate acne, restore smooth, youthful skin and heal acne scars. All of our acne treatments are curated according to your specific concerns and expectations.



Fractora RF microneedling uses micro pins to puncture the skin allowing the radio frequency energy, or heat, to penetrate deep into the skin. This causes the body to generate new collagen and elastin, and for acne patients the shrinking of the sebaceous gland, where oil or sebum in produced. Fractora can be used on active cystic acne and old acne scars, often resulting in a 50% reduction in acne scarring. We like to combine this treatment with Lumecca IPL for best results.


If you are one of the millions of people in the country who are frustrated by trying to control, reduce and cover up acne, Lumecca IPL may offer exciting new possibilities for revitalizing your complexion. This innovative treatment harnesses the power of blue, yellow and infrared light to restore luminous, healthy skin as well as self-confidence.


LightStim delivers light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. Each LightStim device uses different wavelengths, or colors of light. LightStim for Acne uses blue light to destroy acne-causing bacteria, and red light to help soothe and calm the skin. This helps clear existing breakouts in order to give you visibly improved, healthy-looking skin.

In numerous clinical studies Blue LED light therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for acne, with no negative side effects. This non-invasive treatment can be used alone or in combination with other services. Personal home devices are also available for purchase in our spa.