When you smile, the whole world smiles with you… but you may not want those smile lines etched into your face permanently!

Are your smile lines becoming more noticeable lately? This could be due to repeated facial expressions, loss of collagen and fat causing deep smile lines that start at your nostrils extending down to the corners of your mouth. Keep the elastin levels high and hydrate the skin from within to ensure the lasting effects of a smile doesn’t move in and settle down on your face for good!



Injectable fillers, such as Restylane and Juviderm (soft tissue fillers made of a biodegradable hyaluronic acid) are among the top choices for people looking to get rid of smile lines without undergoing surgery. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in all living organisms and naturally provides volume and fullness to the skin. Injected into the skin it helps to fill in facial wrinkles and smile lines.


Forma is an innovative radiofrequency treatment that targets smile lines without the need for needles or going under the knife. The RF current flows between the electrodes providing a comfortable thermal experience on the targeted area. The temperature is optimized and controlled at a very precise level in order to provide even stimulation of collagen which improves skin elasticity